Planning To Take A Home Loan During The Festive Season?

Planning To Take A Home Loan During The Festive Season? – LegalAdviceOnline

Planning To Take A Home Loan During The Festive Season?

The festive season starts in October and lasts until November. People like it because it is a time where you can buy things for your home or electronics with big offers.

The real estate market grows in sales during this time because many people think it is a good time to buy something big like a house. This holiday is great for both buyers and sellers of homes.

Buying a home is not easy. You have to be careful. It is expensive, so you need to think about it before you buy it. You can get confused by all of the choices and what real estate agents say about their homes because they want to sell them for more money. There are some things that you should do before you take a loan for your house when you buy it during the holiday season.

Down Payment

If you want to buy a new house, you should save for the down payment. Home loans require that payments be made upfront. Banks may ask for up to 20% of the value of the property upfront before giving you a loan.

To keep payments low, borrowers should pay as much as possible in down payments and set some money aside for GST and stamp duty when buying a house.

Planning EMIs

Most people are worried about taking a home loan. It’s normal to feel unsure when you make such a huge investment. The holiday season makes it easier because lenders offer flexible payment plans during this time of year.

But you must make sure not to get carried away with the idea of getting a big loan and any tax benefits. Remember, you should be able to pay the monthly payments on your own. You can use a home mortgage calculator before applying for one.

Emergency Funds

You need to put away some of your money for emergencies. This will help you if something bad happened like a car accident or a fire.

Research before taking Home Loan

To buy a home, you need to get a mortgage. You need to research and compare the best mortgages online before you choose one. In this time when there are many lenders, it is easy to get a mortgage like:

Factors To Consider Before Taking Home Loan

Interest Rates

It is important to think about the interest rate before borrowing the money for your home. You want a low one because it can make paying back the loan easier.

Flexible Repayments

You need to find a home loan that has flexible repayment plans. There are different types of loans, so you can pick the one that works best for you. I think it’s important because it makes it easier to repay your loan.


CIBIL Score is what decides if you can repay the loan. It gives good deals for people who have a good score.

Attractive Offers

Diwali is a big festival in India, and lenders give the best deals during this time. Lenders want to attract borrowers, so they offer better deals. This makes Diwali a good time for you to get a home loan.

Other Benefits of Availing Home Loan

People who buy a home need to borrow money. It is an even bigger decision than buying a home. The Government of India wants people to invest in homes and they have tax deductions for helping you pay back the loan.

  • You can make money off of your taxes if you pay interest on a loan for a house.
  • When you pay off a lot of your home loan, the amount is taken away from the principal.
  • Deduction of registration charges and stamp duty.
  • If you have a job, you will owe taxes. There are some deductions that you can take to save money.
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